As a Swiss non-profit charitable foundation we exclusively support childhood cancer research and thus increase chances of a cure.


Childhood Cancer Research Foundation Switzerland exclusively supports research in the area of childhood cancer and juvenile blood illness. The center of our attention and effort is the research and development 
of innovative and promising new treatments for children and young adults with cancer. We try to give back a perspective for a normal life after defeating cancer. Else, we inform about juvenile cancer and treatments. Most importantly, we show that there is no reason to resign oneself and to give up. Our foundation is raising funds that are used to support children and young adults by means of faster diagnosis or optimisation of their appropriate therapy.



​Cancer Research is mainly undertaken in the area of adults and often results arise from fundamental research. However, the results as well as treatments for adults are not applicable in the more specific cases of childhood cancer. Children often fall sick of other forms of cancer compared to adults. The progress of 
their desease differs and cancer cells in tumors often grow much faster and more aggressively. This 
means a major impact on any treatment of childhood cancer; speed and complexity play a major role. Moreover, specific and customized therapies are neccessary as children react far more sensitively than adults do.


Cancer in childhood is rare. But about 200-230 children in Switzerland are diagnosed with cancer each year.  40-50 out of them die from their desease. 1972 only 60% of them could be cured; as of today we are at 80 % survivors. The increase in knowledge and cure shows impressively that our work makes sense.  Further information and details on the statistics can be found at the Schweizer Kinderkrebsregister



We have the target of providing significant increase in funds and specific support. We professionally evaluate and select projects in research and offer support – sometimes over years. Our vision includes to leverage results from research in order to much better control childhood cancer. Knowledge from this research already enables researchers and doctors to more precisely identify and diagnose forms of cancer and develop specific and customized forms of therapy. We help to increase chances of a cure in many cases already and with increasing numbers.

Focus of our research


The most common form of leucemia in which the formation of white blood cells is disturbed: the still immature cells divide too quickly and flood the body. At the same time, they can no longer perform their actual tasks properly.

Soft tissue

Tumors of the soft tissue are found in muscles, ligaments, joints or nerve tissue. They are caused by a malignant alteration of immature precursor cells of the soft tissues, which include muscle, fat and connective tissue as well as peripheral nerves.

Brain tumors

Brain tumors are benign or malignant tumors in the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, meninges or cranial nerves. First signs: unsteady gait, headache, vomiting or paralysis or a change in the child's nature.

Kinderkrebsforschung Schweiz

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